Pricing is very easy. No difficult plans and no monthly cost.
Just a one time fee to remove the powered by sign for your domain.

360 Javascript Viewer

A license is a one time payment and bound to a single domain. We use no subscriptions. It is valid for the current main version. Currently we are on version 1 and we will stay there for a while. If you use the latest version from the CDN or NPM you receive new features and bugfixes automatically.

Free License for one domain License
Number of 360 presentations unlimited unlimited
Number of views unlimited unlimited
Domains unlimited 1
Number of frames 2 to 365 2 to 365
Multiple 360 presentations on the same page
Zoom option
Free Wordpress plugin
Inertia & speed control
Rotate on start option
Full API control
CDN support
Custom start notification
Tech Support Email
No powered by icon
Let's start $14.95